Weddings and Adventures in 2015

Life is Good

I once read that you remember your life like a movie everything is broken down into scenes. The ordinary scenes you forget but the special ones the ones that make a life stand out they will always be remembered. For us in 2015 I’m pleased to say we had plenty of memorable scenes. Life in 2015 for us was about photography, travel and living our first full year as Mr and Mrs.  

As husband and wife wedding photographers we had been together for some time but had only just got married in 2014. So the question we asked ourselves at the time was will getting married make any difference after 10 years together. The answer is a massive YES! Marriage changes everything. For us we both felt, more together, more of a team, more in love. That commitment is huge, the responsibility is huge and to both know that we were going to write our story together for the rest of our lives made our relationship even stronger. 

It was funny then that our first wedding of 2015 was with a couple who’s life since they had met had also been about creating wonderful scenes. There life so far had been about traveling and exploring life together. So much so that Amanda had given Michael a wedding gift of a compass. Now a compass is a wonderful gift if you want to travel but this compass wasn’t just for travel but a symbol of their love. It came with a note and I’m sure that Amanda won’t mind me quoting a little from it. 

countless times we have discovered that getting lost can be half the fun, for the times when things get rough though in our future, if you ever feel lost in our marriage, I hope the compass will lead you back to me through thick and thin, I love you forever michael x

For us being the first wedding of 2015, this was inspirational. Here was a couple reminding us what we had vowed to each just 6 months before, reminding us that life may not always run smooth, but this was forever and together they would find a way. Thats why we love photographing weddings, because its a big deal, because its forever and there is nothing else like it! 

We also love weddings because we get to meet the most wonderful and inspirational people. Not just the couples, but family and friends, other photographers, videographers. Every one that touches our lives shapes or changes it in some small way. It may be a conversation about a trip, or a book or just the story of their lives and their dreams but in some small way it will often spark a thought or a discussion that shapes our lives too. 

So below are our favourite scenes in 2015, from “Warren and Carmen the Movie”. We have had weddings at train stations and weddings at home, conventional weddings and vintage weddings, weddings in the sunshine and in the pouring rain.  We have had brides that have invited us back later in the year to photograph the moments before becoming a mum and brides that have had us scaling sheer rock faces on an engagement shoot.

Amanda compass also reminded us that travel was something we wanted to do more of. Not holidays but travel where there is no plan further than lets get on a plane and see what happens. We plan to be a lot more adventurous from now on and 2015 taught us that we want to travel for new cultures and experiences as well as relaxation. We have spent time with friends old and new and most importantly time together. Time to reflect and be grateful, time to explore together and grow together. So a big thank you to all the couples and people that touched our lives in 2015, whether at a wedding our during our travels, thank you all for allowing us into your lives and in some way shaping ours.

In 2016, look after each other, open your life to new experiences rather than acquiring more new things, take your compass and explore together remembering that getting lost can be half the fun. We are all actors in the big play, and the best part is you get to write your own script, write a good one. 

Adventure is out there!!