We are Warren & Carmen Husband & Wife,

Dreamers, Travellers, & Visual Story Tellers

We are Warren and Carmen, married in 2014 we set up our photography business with a dream to live a life with the intention of being present and grateful for all we have, to worry less and step out of our comfort zone more. We moved in 2016 and found a little peace of heaven in Devon having set up home near Ottery St Mary near Exeter.  We have had a amazing couple of years in Devon but from June this year we will be off again, this time (hopefully for the final time) to the beautiful and historic city of Chester. 

We love photography, family, friends and the simple things in life, like fresh natural food, dog walks in the rain or a night around a camp fire putting the world to right. We are dreamers, we love music festivals, we love to travel and explore and we love to be surrounded by smiling happy people. (another good reason why we love weddings and families)

We are wedding and family portrait photographers and we love what we do. Its not just the photography but the people we meet that make us tick, our philosophy "there are no strangers just friends you haven't met yet". We love shooting together for us its so much more fun and we love to bounce ideas off each other.  Two photographers means that between us we can capture every angle and be in two places at once. It may often be the case at weddings that Carmen will be capturing the bridal preparations while Warren is with the Groom and his best man. Often one of us will stay with the bride while the other dashes ahead to the church or venue to capture guests arriving.  


A few facts about us:

  • Carmen is German and is as efficient as her stereotype would suggest.

  • Warren is originally from Manchester, he's clumsy but funny

  • Carmen loves everything Organic, she is a nutrition and good food fanatic who believes we are what we eat.

  • Warren likes Pies, Cakes and Curries. (But now prefers tasty organic healthy food)

  • Carmen is a girl so likes Rom-coms, the seaside, shoes and hand bags

  • Warren is a former soldier but also likes Rom-coms the seaside, shoes and man bags.

  • Warren is a climbing & mountaineering instructor and loves the mountains.

  • Carmen still prefers the seaside! She does like to wander and explore but just at a lower altitude

  • We live with our Sprocker spaniel Tilly and she is mad!!


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