The Extraordinary ordinary moments

That’s what life is - this collection of extraordinarily ordinary moments. We just need to pay attention to them all. Wake up and pay attention to how beautiful it all is.
— Alexander Payne

The chance to pay a flying visit to stay with Jack and Rhianna meant that we could spend some time with them and with their son Harry. We would never leave home for the weekend without a camera however the intention was not to do any photography as such but just enjoy the weekend.  With all the adults still a little fragile from the night before (especially me) Sunday morning was warm and sunny. Jack and Rhi had spent weeks working on the back garden so it seemed as good a place as anywhere to recover.  As the morning unfolded I grabbed the camera out of the bag to capture some candid moments of Harry and his play mates, he was the only child but not the biggest kid! It was only when I got home and reviewed the images on my computer I realised that what I had captured was those extraordinary ordinary moments. Carmen is currently reading Ruby Wax new book on "Mindfulness". Although no expert my interpretation of this is being in the moment, of appreciating the here and now. So often we only get the camera out for a birthday or on holiday but its these times that will always remain in the memory.  Its the ordinary moments we forget the time we take for granted with family or friends is what we need to appreciate and document.. "So wake up, pay attention or you might miss it how beautiful it all is."