Amanda & Michael Wedding Story Pt 2!


The wedding celebration of Amanda and Michael or as the world now knows them the Neanors was something we had been looking forward to since we were there photographers/witnesses/wedding guests at their elopement in January this year. Having got married with just the two of them it was now time to gather family and friends and PARTY!  We think the images speak for themselves and tell the story of their day perfectly which is always what we are aiming for as documentary photographers. Having met Amanda and Michael we were really looking forward to meeting their family and friends and we could not have felt more at home, they are all (like us) very easy going, friendly and slightly bonkers!

We have said it before but Amanda and Michael have a special place in our hearts. Our business has really taken off since their wedding early in 2015 and it is in part due to the wonderful opportunity we had to capture that day and the trust they had in us. The wonderful feedback and support they have given us ever since including asking us back to photograph this amazing gathering is truly a privilege and we hope we have done them justice. From the getting ready at home, a Thames boat trip, a garden party to partying in a Chelsea club this was totally them. What its says to us and we see it time and again is there is no formula to a wedding. Whether you follow convention or not, whether you spends hundreds or thousands, large or small come sunshine or rain make your wedding as individual as you are, Its your day, do it your way, just make it with love.