Wedding Photography Favourites 2017/18 - Becoming "Us"

Life is busy and we really need to blog more and to not have compiled a best of 2017 is something we should have done. Now however having spent 2017 -2018 in the beautiful South West in 2019 we have relocated to the just as beautiful (and just as wet!) North West. Trying to establish in a new market as Chester and Cheshire wedding photographers is not going to be easy with so many talented photographers up here but we are sure we will get there.

The last couples of years living in Devon has been an experience we will cherish forever and the weddings we have captured and the couples we have met have inspired us, made us laugh and smile, but more importantly reminded us continually that marriage is a big deal and promising to share everything and become “us” rather than me is one of life's great stepping stones.

“Us” means a package, it means friends talking about the both of you as one thing. It means best friends, total trust and exploring life together. Its the best thing we ever did and we know its the same for all the couples that we have had the pleasure to spend time with on their most important day in their new life as “us”

We have had every type of wedding from church weddings to a lighthouse! from Castles to Village halls, Rolls Royce to Camper vans, Stately homes to at village pubs, countryside to beachside, and vineyards to farm yards. What we also realise is that its not the money you spend or the location you chose or how you get to and from, nor is it being super cool and trendy or sticking with tradition that makes the day. It’s simply the love for each other and those around you that makes the day special and that is the simple truth.

For all those couples waiting to tie the knot we would say just do what feels right. Don’t spend more than you can afford, don’t try to impress or follow the latest trends from wedding magazines. If you think the expense of a country home or historic castle is something worth having then go for it but if what makes you happy is family and friends getting together at the local village hall then do that. Just smile, laugh, love and enjoy the very brief moment that is your wedding day.

Obviously not forgetting to book a friendly, relaxed and good-humoured wedding photographer/s to make the brief moment a lasting memory :-)

Thank you to everyone that invited us to capture their day and if you are a couple that would like some memories like the one’s below, then we look forward to meeting you. For anyone getting married in 2019-20 just click on the link to get in touch and we can take it from there. xx

St Pancras Station, London wedding

Natasha and Rodrigo's wedding was at the iconic, St Pancras Station, London. The wedding was a small intimate ceremony with Natasha family coming down from as far as Manchester while Rod's family travelled over from Santander in Spain. Clearly, Natasha and Rod are not a couple worried about conventions, not only was their choice of venue unusual but they had also just returned from honeymoon in Japan. Weddings and the wedding industry have transformed so much in the last few year. Its great to see so many cool couples breaking with tradition and having the wedding that they want rather than what others expect.  It certainly makes for a more interesting job for us as photographers when every wedding is so different. 

After the ceremony they moved across to the Champagne bar for drinks and nibbles before moving outside to board their vintage double decker bus. From there it was a open top tour of the London sights with the champagne still flowing. After a couple of stops to take in the sights and stretch the legs the tour finished at St James Hotel and Club for a reception dinner.