Country wedding

Somerset Festival Wedding, Taunton

Ruth & Nev are a couple that really put themselves into their wedding. They wanted a  festival style wedding and their day at Roughmoor Farm in Somerset was just that. With a beautifully decorated marquee, beer and food trucks and space hopper races this was just perfect. They also showed us that just because it rains on your wedding day it doesn't mean that its any less fun and if you stick with it, you might be rewarded with rainbows and a stunning sunset. 

Music - "Celeste" by Esra Vine and "Someone" by Future of Forestry


Wiltshire wedding Of Rachelle & Steve

Although we have now moved to Devon and are excited to be covering Devon and Cornwall weddings we seem to be continually pulled back to the South East and have already booked a number of wedding in Berkshire and Hampshire in 2017. For Rachelle and Stephens wedding we started in Wiltshire at St Nicholas's Church in Longparish and finished crossing the border into Hampshire for the reception at the lovely village of Itchen Abbas .  As we all know the wedding day is and should be all about the bride. However when your two bridesmaids are also your daughters, bride and groom are first and foremost mummy and Daddy. This was a wedding where the bride and groom had to share centre stage and they would not have wanted it any other way. There is family photography, there is wedding photography, this one we like to think was family wedding photography.  Beautiful!

Music - Corner by Allie Moss

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